Products, Services and Support

Maxmulia offers a full range of services and support, from pre-sales support, deployment (solution architecting and implementation), training, partner support and after-sales support to business partners and customers.

Deployment Service

Deployment Services
Our deployment service (solution architecting and implementation services), including planning, assessment and configuration through system verification testing and production turn-up.

To deliver successful data protection and recovery implementations with partners and customers, we have two deployment models depending partner and customer on the requirements – Basic Deployment and Custom Deployment. Deliverables will typically include:
• Requirements document
• Project management
• Project plan
• Design document
• Test plan
• Interoperability guide
• Connectivity diagram
• Training (On-Site or Classroom)

Basic Deployment

This is a start-to-finish service that includes planning, implementation, and identification of the environment, process, application and jobs that will benefit most from the solution. It also includes basic operation training. MMCS help the partners or customers identify and configure the most effective method of connectivity and guide them through an actual implementation of the components. This service is most effective for straightforward installation of a single product.

Custom Deployment

This service includes project management and a customized project plan for a complete deployment, including: onsite planning, interviews, start-up and pilot proof-of-concept as needed. This service is right for large, complex or geographically dispersed systems.

Assessment Service

Maxmulia delivers a wide range of assessment services to support a variety of IT and business needs. Assessments are designed to ensure an end goal is well understood before the journey is started. A typical assessment will document the current state and required end state against industry best practices. The assessment will consist of a clearly defined solution strategy and delivery approach including how the desired business objective will be obtained and how success will be measured. Maxmulia specializes in data protection and recovery and DR assessments.

Optimization Service

Maxmulia offers optimization services to ensure you are getting the most from your technology investment. By reviewing the technical architecture, software configurations, business processes, and staffing skill levels, we can make recommendations to help you improve performance, better leverage your current investment, and achieve desired business.

Enterprise Management Service

Maxmulia provides scalable, flexible, fully automated, and highly integrated solutions to manage the extended enterprise for continuous availability and optimal performance. Our enterprise management solution consisting of Operations, IT Resource, and IT Service Management is integral to establishing a managing on-demand computing environment.

For enterprise management solutions, Maxmulia, augmented by selected Vendors, provides flexible services and education offerings for enterprise Operations, Resource, and Service Management initiatives. These solution-driven implementations provide tangible business value to maximize ROI through accelerated implementation and global best practices and methodologies.

Training Service

Training has always been our key focus, be it for our partners or customers. We believe that it is very important to arm our partners and customer with the necessary skills to implement and use the product effectively. And we always believe that role of first level support should be from the people that are close to the environment or the systems. We can help train your staff to be the effective Knowledge Workers of tomorrow’s economy. Whether it is just an operational briefing or a certified professional course, we have the expertise and experience to empower your workers.